In Search of…

….reasons. Or the meaning of life, maybe myself, or something, anything.  I crave new experiences. I long to see the world, to be fearlessly swept along in the current of far-away cultures.

I dream possibilities.  I’m an instigator, an alligator.  I consult the thesaurus regularly, because I don’t like using the same old words to communicate what should be a unique expression. As much as I love the art of stringing the right words together, I believe visual imagery can be equally powerful. I dabble in both words and imagery to satisfy the need to create, to be uniquely me, to find purpose. I am driven by a desire to form connections with – and deep down, to gain acceptance by – people, the world (in all its diversity) and drink in everything I can about how and why things are.

I’ve been meaning to start writing, really writing, for most of my life. I’m out of excuses, so here i am. This is a place where pieces of me can find a home, outside my head. It doesn’t matter if anyone visits, i just need to push these things out into the world.

I am the sum of every experience, each person I have known and all the mistakes I have made. If I live each day well, the sum of me will grow until my last breath.